Three Darn Good Reasons Mobile Internet is the Future

Three darn good reasons mobile internet is the future

No more desktop pc with stationary users browsing the internet on the soon to be dead browser, Internet Explorer. Internet is portable and it is booming.

That scenario is everything but gone. Stationary computers belong in workspaces and the modern day user is on the go and the second screen is having glory days in the able hands of the user. Phones are with you anytime and anywhere, and so is the internet.

Numbers may not be sexy, but they don’t lie. So bear with me. Here are three obvious reasons why mobile internet is the future., presented to you in numbers.

1. Who uses the Internet?

Mobile Internet users beat desktop internet users. Mobile is tablet and smartphones combined, and point #2 here will show you, that smartphones are leading the game.

According to a report from ComScore, 2014 was the tipping point where desktop internet users were overtaken by mobile users. Mobile internet users are projected to reach 2 billion within 2015, and this will not be the end of it. Item #2 on this list will reveal the real king of the castle.

If you don’t have a mobile version of your website yet, try the automatic converter at

2. Smartphone = global top-selling unit

Smartphone sales are booming.

Mobile Shipments (Last Ten Years)

Looking at the graph here, the steep blue curve stands out. That solid blue curve is the blue dotted and the blue dashed combined. The rocketing dashed line is smartphones. That curve is worth watching for the future.

3. 25% of all internet usage is mobile – and rising

Acclaimed digital trend-spotter Mary Meeker presented her ”Internet Trends” from 2014, she showed the world that mobile internet usage had climbed from 14% to 25% from ’13 to ’14. In Europe mobile usage had doubled from 8% to 16%, and North America had gone from 11% to 19%.

Companies across the globe now face a new challenge. It is no longer optional or nice to have, to make websites mobile ready or responsive. Users are browsing with their smartphones, and the numbers are rising. Anyone ignoring this fact better have a really good reason (or a philanthropic business).

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