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Today’s Mobile Report: Nexus 5 leaks, Skype’s relationship with the NSA

Good morning, here’s your daily dose of mobile news!

The newest Google smartphone, the Nexus 5, might be the most leaked device ever. The latest leak has been a 7-minute video showing off the new device along with KitKat, the newest version of Android (4.4). You can see some design changes, new dialer, Search app icon, and more. For the video and more news on the Nexus 5 leaks, and Android 4.4, head to CNET.

Sen. Edward Markey, D-Ma., has asked the FTC to investigate online ad companies that track consumers across all their devices, showing ads on their smartphones, for example, based on browsing habits from their desktops. “Such tracking envelops users in a digital environment where marketers know their preferences and personal information no matter which device they use while consumers are kept largely in the dark,” Markey wrote. (Bits Blog, NYT)

Skype is under investigation by authorities in Luxembourg over its involvement with the National Security Agency (NSA) spy program Prism. Skype, which is owned by Microsoft, could face criminal and administrative sanctions, including a ban on passing users’ information and communications to the US agency. Skype’s headquarters are actually in the small European country and could be fined if the investigation finds that the data sharing is against Luxembourg’s data-protection laws. (The Guardian)

Smartphones and tablets continue to grow in the United States. According to new data from Frank N. Magid Associates, the number of US mobile phone users who owned or used a smartphone this year reached 74 percent, compared to 58 percent last year. Tablet use was up to 50 percent, from 33 percent in 2012. (eMarketer)

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– Aleksi Tzatzev | Image credit: CNET

Here’s why mobile sites—and not apps—are the future of the Web

It seems HTML5 may finally gain the upper hand over Apple’s and Google’s app stores.

Within a few months, a number of new mobile operating systems will come out—Firefox OS, Tizen and Ubuntu—and since they are all open source, they will provide support for HTML5 apps, according to the MIT Technology Review. Continue reading Here’s why mobile sites—and not apps—are the future of the Web