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The time to go mobile was yesterday — 6 facts you need to know today!

If your business didn’t go mobile yet, you are losing ground faster than you think. The time to go mobile was yesterday! Here are six facts to convince you that mobile websites are the future: Continue reading The time to go mobile was yesterday — 6 facts you need to know today!

10 facts about mobile business that will keep you in the game

You hear this all the time — you must have a mobile strategy, or your  business needs a mobile website, etc. And it’s true, smartphones and tablets have changed the game, and mobile business is the way to go.

So here’s some of the latest data from HubSpot to get you thinking about going mobile and staying ahead. Continue reading 10 facts about mobile business that will keep you in the game

Now that you’re mobile, what about mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing provides an opportunity for you to earn some real revenue from your site. How are you planning on monetizing your mobile visitors? Mobile monetization can be done in a number of ways, some being more profitable than others. Here are some tools and strategies to consider while getting started:

Adsense for Mobile (AFM) – is a service provided by Google that allows publishers to monetize their sites and generate revenue using targeted Google ads. You earn money as visitors to your mobile website click on ads that are strategically matched to the content of your site. If readers are using a phone, Adsense will also automatically detect the type of phone and display ads pertaining to that specific device.

youAPPi – is a program that allows publishers to generate earnings from their mobile sites by recommending related apps to their viewers. Free apps are shown to the viewer based on related content of your site. This non-intrusive, relevant form of advertising is known as “native” advertising. You then capitalize on every app that is downloaded by the readers.

MMedia – powered by Millennial Media, is a platform that performs a number of services for developers to monetize their sites. Some of the features include a complete suite of monetization and advertising tools, real-time performance reporting, and 3-in-1 SDK’s, including video, rich media, and banner ads.

Cubics – is a software development kit (SDK) that features monetization services for developers, advertisers and mobile-web publishers. The software includes banners, interstitials, email, and data matching, and also offers real-time reports, as well as high CPM’s and geotargeted ads, catering to a specific region.

Having your website represented on a mobile device will certainly earn you more representation and visibility, but it takes monetization to really amp up the impact on revenue. Mobile monetization is just the next step in expanding into the mobile realm and platforms and tools, like these mentioned above, make generating a profit from your site simple.

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Greg is a marketing manager for youAPPi, a leading mobile affiliate network with offices located in New Jersey and Israel. To learn more about youAPPi, you can check out their blog.

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