Mobile Marketing Mistake #1 — Your mobile site needs the same content as your desktop website

Mobile Site on iPhone

It’s a common mistake that your mobile website needs to have the same content as your desktop page. In fact, if your mobile site has duplicate content with all the information from your desktop, your customers are getting a worse user experience.

A mobile site gives you a unique marketing opportunity to avoid duplicate mobile content, so make sure your site features fresh content that is relevant to mobile site users. That means: opening hours, mobile coupons, product reviews, etc. Of course, tactics are different in every industry, but the idea is to give your customer what they need in as few clicks as possible. (Remember, mobile users don’t have the longest attention spans — takes them about 5 seconds to decide whether or not your site is worth wasting their data on.)

If you don’t have a mobile site with selective content from your main website, try our automatic converter here by entering your URL.


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